24 August 2009

Can Taco Trucks Defeat McDonalds

Gourmet street food is apparently a growing trend in other cities. Some are truly mobile and are at different locations, announcing their movements via networking sites, and some are permanently parked vehicles like those I photographed in Portland.

Here is an optimistic quote: "Yelp plus smart phones, and other similar applications, will tip the competitive balance away from chain restaurants and toward exceptional independent eateries, bars and coffee shops." -Conor Friedersdorf


Anonymous said...

I go to a festival each year in Weiser, Idaho. It's a small farm town. There's Benny's Tacos, in an old bus with low prices and lines out the door all night. Then there's McDonalds, with low prices and a page-long condiment policy on the window. (You can only have one dipping sauce unless you order the large order...then you can have two.And only two.)

I hope the quote is correct.

grace said...

I would so love it if Cincinnati got on the food truck wagon, so to speak. I wonder what the city's rules are in regards to that? I know Portland's current food truck boom was aided by a recent relaxing of the inspection rules.

Dave said...

Are the majority of food trucks in Portland taco trucks?