20 August 2009

Alley Granite Stones

Baschang and Thurber Alleys:

[where: 222 West Fifteenth Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202] behind

this is an overgrown forgotten corner of OTR:


Anonymous said...

These and those currently covered with asphalt could be yet another asset of Over-The-Rhine.

Radarman said...

The alleys - and Cincinnati's are among the best - desperately need advocacy. No one in the administration has the faintest sense of their worth, and they regularly fall to traffic engineers and property owners who want the space.

kid-cincy said...

About seven or eight years ago I was walking on an abandoned section of West Third St., just past the overhead train trestle. The street was granite block, and was lined with old warehouses and loading docks. I just figured it was part of Cincinnati's industrial past. But a few years ago I was researching my Mom's side of the family, and found out my great grandparents had lived down there on Third St back in the 1880s. Unfortunately, the area has been cleared now, and no sign of the old street remains. But I'm forever grateful that I got a chance to walk where they had once walked themselves.