28 August 2009

Chic Lego Bikes

- buy this bike here

I don't ride bikes much. I used to. I used to ride all around running errands, and going to meetings. But my bike got stolen a few times, I never was good at repairing them, and then came kids... And with the kids it was lots more time consuming, and more equipment needed, kids seats, helmets, u-locks, baskets. It takes a lot of equipment to haul an adult and 2 kids around on a bike in the city, and I would just assume walk if I can.

But my wife has been very adventurous with the bikes, taking both kids out numerous times on pretty long treks through the city. Our 8 year old is pretty competent and seems to know how to ride safely around city streets. Next year our daughter will learn, and then maybe I'll start adventuring out again with the family.

But please check out Cycle Chic seems dedicated to snapping awsome photos of stylish young people on their bikes (style over speed, yeah). Their latest post notes that Lego now has a bike/skate shop.

ps: sorry I missed the Super-Bad Bike Show

Also enjoy my shaky video of a quick ride thru Washington Park in 2007. The lap after that short film, we crashed on top of each other, partially because I had a hand on a camera and not a brake. Bad dad.

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catherine said...

I found just the place for us! http://mobobicyclecoop.org/
It's perfect! Tools, space, and the assistance of volunteer mechanics, what more could you ask for? I am so joining. What the hell took me so long?