30 August 2009

Trolley discussion live now on 55KRC. Mark Miller from WeDemandAVote.com and "Progresser" Joe Sprenguard.


Julie said...

You mean Streetcar. And what's with the quotes?

CityKin said...

Trolley refers to electric busses. Not sure why Mark would be debating the type of system Dayton has. I think he meant the modern streetcar (or trams) as they are commonly called.

Quimbob said...

and the reason for posting this at the last minute ?

Mark Miller said...

Reason is the scheduled guest missed, and I was an emergency sub. I found out about it literally 3 minutes before airtime. I tweeted it to get some callers, and somehow it echoed through a link between my OpenID and blogs. That link was only supposed to go the other way. It should be fixed now.

Technically "trolley" refers to any vehicle that employs a troller. A troller is the conductive gizmo that slides along the overhead wire, drawing power from it. Dayton has trolley-buses. Just like it sounds, it's a regular old bus that draws power through an overhead wire and troller. Dictionary says streetcar=trolley=tram, but tram isn't common terminology in North America, and transit folks around here have adopted the term streetcar to distinguish the proposed vehicle from the old-fashioned trolleys we used to have. All of this is a long-winded way of saying, Yes, I should have been polite and not called them trolleys.

"Cincinnatians for Progress" would have put me over Twitter's character limit.