05 May 2011

Birds and Bees

Instead of waiting and dreading the birds and bees discussion, We're trying to foster some open discussion early, so that sex and reproduction is not seen as such a taboo subject. So I heard about this book on a Dan Savage podcast, we bought it and have read it several times. The drawings are great and there are two characters that carry the story and keep it light hearted. Highly recommended:
It's So Amazing!: A Book about Eggs, Sperm, Birth, Babies, and Families
Robie H. Harris (Author), Michael Emberley (Illustrator)

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Archer said...

In my experience talking about it early and often is the way to go. The more you open those lines of communication and let your children know that you are availible and open to discussion on the subject, the more willing they are to ask you about it (instead of getting bad information from their friends at school or where ever.) My philosophy is to fill their heads with the right information so their friends and their imaginations don't fill thier heads with wrong information. Of course the information should be age appropriate and I think books are a good way to start. Paired with this I think it important that children see their parents being affectionate,nothing over the top, but a bit of kissing, hugging and snuggling is healthy. it's all tied to together.