05 May 2011

1608 Hoffner

Saw this building being demolished yesterday in Northside.  


Quimbob said...

Dhonau Funeral Home built 1913-14
2 brothers ran the place. One lived upstairs so he could receive bodies 24/7, the other lived on Bruce.
Their father was a coach maker who went into building cars later. Dhonau Street is, I believe, under a ramp to I-74.
When the funeral home was built it was state of the art & boasted a "huge" chapel. It also would have been built about the time the motorize hearse was introduced which allowd funeral directors to do moor than a couple funerals a day (eliminated walking processions).
Somebody was trying to save this building a year or so ago. The owner who let it go to pooh should be buried alive.
Here's a rendering I did awhile ago. The sign could barely be seen as late as last week.
(There should probably be an awning on the front.)

Scott Dhonau said...

can anyone having knowledge of where this debris from the Dhonau funeral home went please contact me here: spd@fuse.net, looking for any part of bldg. such as the window over the front entry, the stone above front entry, I think read 1909? thanks, Scott Dhonau. had no idea it was torn down a couple years ago