16 May 2011

77% of Parents Happy with Public Education

"Memo to suburban voucher opponents who ‘support public education’: you’re already sending your kid to private school. You’re just confused because your tuition fees came bundled with granite countertops and hardwood floors."
- E. D. Kain
After this snark, he goes on to say that school choice and vouchers are not really the way to improve poor school districts.


Kyle Wilkinson said...

What's your point?

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't the quote be attributed to its author, Megan McArdle?

Anonymous said...

The article states:

"In reality, many charter schools cater to the well-to-do over the poor..."

Really? Where? Certainly not in Cincinnati. I haven't seen any charter schools springing up in Sycamore, Forest Hills, etc.

I realize it's just this guy's opinion, but a statement like that really needs to be backed up with facts.