23 April 2010

Temple of Love at Mt Storm

While my son was playing some pickup soccer, daughter and I walked over to the Mt Storm Playground. As usual, she made some new friends. We also watched some young women practice fire-eating, climbed some trees and looked in vain for an open toilet. Why does the Park Board tease us so?

As we walked back to the soccer field, we stopped at this structure, which, like a shiny beacon seems to attract wayward hikers. It's had a scaffold around it for many months, and I'm begining to wonder if anyone is really repairing it:


From the Cincinnati Park webpage:
Clifton’s 57-acre Mt. Storm is the site of the 19th-century estate of Robert Bowler. The Temple of Love gazebo-pavilion is all that remains of Bowler’s once grand homestead; it was designed in 1850 by Adolph Strauch, former supervisor of the Imperial Gardens in Vienna and designer of Spring Grove cemetery. In his magnificent home (razed in 1917) Bowler entertained the Prince of Wales, Charles Dickens and other 19th-century celebrities.

Picture I took in 2007:

And finally, photo of my grandmother here a long time ago:


Anonymous said...

This structure is more substantially built than I thought after seeing it partially dismantled - always thought it was all wood.
If the house was so "magnificent" and "grand", why did it get torn down? They have been tearing down things for too long here and not replacing them with anything better. I see why Cincinnati is no longer called the "Paris of the midwest".
Nice story and pictures though. Thanks.

VisuaLingual said...

I love the photo of your grandmother!

Randy Simes said...

I too love the photograph of your grandmother. I need to start compiling gorgeous shots like this of myself and not just lame Facebooky photos. Classic.

Anonymous said...

I noticed the same thing, as my son has soccer games at that field every weekend. I also am befuddled by the still-locked bathroom.