06 April 2010

Sounds Like A 5chw4r7z Quote

This quote in an article about the extreme congestion on the Cross-Bronx Expressway sounded like something 5chw4r7z would say, while relaxing on his fabulous downtown balcony:

“If I’m having trouble with my wife, I come here and watch the traffic. I thought I had problems, but look at these poor people. They sit in this traffic every day. These people have it so bad compared to me.”


5chw4r7z said...

Yesterday it was kind of funny for our opening day cookout, after the game we were all (about 10 or so of us) on the deck, talking having a beer. The poor bastids stuck on the ramp were forced for long minutes at a time to sit and watch us having fun.
Sucked to be them.

Quimbob said...

Mr 5chw4r7z could certainly come up with something better than the regional tourism wonks did.
Rediscover your weakened state of mind ?