16 November 2009

White Flight Still Happening

I thought this was the 21st century?! The article in the Enquirer today about new growth in Harrison has generated the typical nonsense commentary, but commentary that nonetheless is telling:

mustbGWBsfault wrote:
i grew up in covedale, moved to delhi. then the metro moved in and now there are shopping carts turned on their sides at the bus stops, trash in the streets, the businesses are getting robbed (krogers, walgreens). is it a coincidence that crime has gone up since the metro came through? i think not. will the metro ever make it to harrison? possibly (i hope harrison fights to keep it out). either way, i know it won't go into indiana! hoosiers, here we come!

nasdadjr wrote:
I have had multiple friends move to Harrison, and you want to know why they do it? They don't allow the Cincinnati metro to go out there which means no section 8 housing. That means less crime and less sorry to say it but ghetto people from going out there. Not trying to be racist or economicist or whatever you call it, but take an honest census of the people who live or have moved out there and that is one of the big reasons why they move or stay there cause the cost of living there isn't as high as Blue Ash, Mason, or other high priced areas, and they don't have those people.

UncleRando wrote:
Harrison is not actually growing. The increase in population is just a relocation of westsiders from communities like Green Township, Delhi Township, Price Hill and Westwood. Overall the population trend for the westside as a whole is probably very small when looked at comprehensively.

dlacey31 wrote:
This is happening because the lower west side has become so nasty and ghetto the middle class as usual have to find different neighborhoods to move to . The housing authority should have never switched to section 8 vouchers they should have kept all the ghetto in one area. now they can live anywhere they want almost for free right next door to hard working middle class families. and trash the neighborhoods and lower property value . Thanks cincinnati housing authority


Paul Wilham said...

You know I saw this happen in Indianapolis, people kept moving farther and farther.Then the downtown rebirth began and Indy gained about 60,000 people downtown in 5 years, all white all upper class.

The near downtown neighborhoods are undergoing what I call the 'ethnic cleansing' as the poor and working class get pushed out to be replaced by "stepford wives' suburbanites who are fleeing to the "safety" of downtown.Private and key schools the one thing hoilding back the march downtown for families is here so their kids do not have to be subjected to "public schools".

The Near burbs, lawrence and Speedway now look like the inner core did but crime and the poor are moving farther into suburbia.

People are Nomadic. Fleeing towards what they percieve as "safety". Cincinnati will eventualy come full circle, and it will start over gain.

But, for the moment, I have my diverse neighborhood. In 10 years those same people will be commenting on how "unsafe" Harrison it and people should live downtown. Unfortunately I will probably have to find a new neighorhood as a despise "suburbia" which unfortunately will return to the Urban core..

Anonymous said...

Those darn urban pioneers, blazing trails for white flight into our central cities. Talk about nonsense.

VisuaLingual said...

I love snickering about comments on the Enquirer's articles and, since I never buy the paper paper, they're always part of my Enquirer experience.

The truth is that, if I had more time on my hands and if my sense of reason didn't keep me somewhat in check, my own comments would probably be just as ignorant and absurd, but in the opposite direction.

Anonymous said...

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