11 November 2009

2 Paramedics and 4 Firemen

2 paramedics in an EMS vehicle and 4 men on a fire truck respond every time someone is reported passed out in the park. Doesn't this seem like overkill? Why not just send the paramedic?


Anonymous said...

I believe Cincinnati responds with an engine first to all medical calls because of the lack of ambulances in Cincinnati. Some engines are paramedic engines with medics on board, but all firefighters are EMT's. Also,if a call comes in for an unresponsive person, which a passed out person on the street could be seen as, more than 2 paramedics are needed on scene to effectively treat and transport the patient. If the person that they have responded to is actually unresponsive the difference between 2 and 6 firefighters could be the difference between life and death.

Anonymous said...

I saw yesterday on Charlie Rose a guy telling a story about how in Reno, NV, they looked at year's worth of services provided to a homeless man named I think Murry who had been the focus of numerous paramedic & police runs as well as several stays in the hospital. They added up the cost to the city for the year and totaled about one million dollars in medical bills and responder costs. I don't know anything about the accuracy of that number, but the point of the "million dollar Murray" story is that ignoring the homless is expensive, and that some sort of treatment, housing, or whatever is a lot cheaper. Don't know if it's true, but still interesting.


Anonymous said...

Its absolute insanity the amount of resources dedicated to Washington Park. Wouldn't it be cheaper to just have an EMT onsite at all times? I mean literally, they make calls there, fire and emt, at least 5-10 times every day. What a drain on resources. Clean that shit up already and bill every single emt/fire call to the Drop Inn Center