01 November 2009

Halloween in Westwood

Westwood Library, 1930 



I talked with a couple of the homeowners who had Democratic signs in their yards, and they all seemed almost apologetic about it! They all knew the candidate personally and said they were good people, but "we usually don't vote that way".

On an election note, I found it very funny the mailer that the Dems mailed out specifically against Winburn to certain neighborhoods like ours. On the front it shows Obama, and says "If Winburn's party had it's way, Obama would not be president", and on the back is a picture of Winburn adjacent to pictures of McCain and Palin. Priceless.

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Anonymous said...

I got that mailer too and first I thought it was a pro-Winburn mailer! Seemed tactically unhelpful. THen I saw the "Paid for by Ohio Dems." Funny.