04 November 2009

Amateur Boxing

I am pretty excited about the streetcar election results, but really don't have much to say about it. It has all been said ad nauseum. I was against the casino. But casinos are in most states now, and having them in an urban environment is better than having them out in a cornfield, I guess. I worry about raising a family a few blocks from a casino. I hope never to enter.

I want the first streetcar painted with Bengal Stripes.

BTW, has anyone here ever been to one of these ameteur boxing matches? I see these handbills every once in a while, and I'm curious:


Unknown said...

With you on the casino. Faustian bargain, as far as I'm concerned -- there are better ways to create jobs and bring people downtown.

Pacquiao Fan said...

It is the fast way earning money by just boxing in the ring.

Quimbob said...

I have seen some amateur/youth boxing on local access. It looks ok. I enjoy watching boxing but I sure as hell would never recommend it as a career.