26 October 2007

When We Were Very Young

This book, written by A. A Milne in 1924, before he wrote Winnie the Pooh is a delightful book of poetry for children. I have been suprised that young children will sit and listen to poetry, even though I am certain they do not understand half of it. Just the souds rolling off the tongue, I suppose:

...The sea was galloping grey and white;
Christopher clutched his sixpence tight;
We clambered over the humping sand-
And Christopher held my hand.

We had sand in the eyes and the ears and the nose,
And sand in the hair and sand-between the toes.
Whenever a good nor' wester blows,
Christopher is certain of
Sand-between the toes.


Anonymous said...

Mike: My dad who loves poetry gave this to our son as a book on tape. My dad thought if you'd listen to this you'd turn out brilliant! My son has loved it and would listen to the book on tape on long car rides the whole way through.

CityKin said...

Thanks for the heads up on that. I like books on tape for the kids on car trips, and it is always tricky picking the right ones. I tried Road Dahls' "The Witches" and it was way way too long. We also tried the "Frog and Toad" on CD and the kids liked that a lot.