17 October 2007

Movies for Mommies

I've gotten a few emails about a new program that involves weekly Weds, 10am movies specifically for parents with little children. I don't think we will attend, but I thought I would throw this our there for others that may be interested.

The first event it this coming Weds Oct 24th. Event starts at 10am and movie starts at 10:30 am. Description at their website and below:

MFM is more than just a movie event, it is a "mom and baby" activity created to entertain moms in an environment where their babies can feel comfortable. It's a program that moms can call their own, but it's still baby friendly. Though we call it Movies for Mommies, we want to stress that Dads, Grandparents and Caregivers with babies are welcome as well. Before every movie screening, adults will have the opportunity to socialize with friends, old and new alike, and sample the best the city has to offer in terms of relevant products and services.

MFM shows movies that moms can enjoy; we do not show movies meant to entertain the kids. Please read our FAQ page for more information.

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