05 October 2007

Bus Stop Sculpture


These sculptures fit well in front of the Federal Building, and they make a nice photo. The soft curves are appealing. From looking at them I thought they were made like most public sculpture, out of steel. However, I was suprised when touching them that they feel hollow and plastic. More dissapointing the closer you get. I also wonder about the long term durability of this material in an outdoor pedestrian environment.


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Public art always reflects the culture that erects it. Lately our community has seen a massive influx of "guest workers" (and guest soccer players) from Latin America . We really haven't had a suitable tribute to their way of life except for the weekly beer can monuments next to the open toilet on Kellogg Ave ....until now.
This soft fluffy burrito statue is located next to the bus stop outside the federal building downtown. It’s designed to provide our guests, invited and otherwise, with a familiar icon. The federal building is the site of naturalization ceremonies and deportation hearings. Therefore this symbol should be as meaningful to those arriving as it is to the ones receiving the boot.

Enjoy it while it lasts. Hollow, second-rate construction using transitory materials should make this sculpture as fleeting as the policies it represents.