05 October 2007

Free Lunch and a Bible Tract


Church groups come regularly to Washington Park to hand out lunches, and sometimes to hand out used clothing. They now hand-out on the sidewalk after apparently being asked to leave the park by city officials.


5chw4r7z said...

Have you read Joe's account of this yet? He lives directly across the street from the entrance, I think I have to agree with his assessment, that while these people have good intentions, I think they are unintentionally hurting the neighborhood.

Another Washington Park do-gooder story

CityKin said...

Yeah I just saw that. Seems like they could collaborate with existing social services in the neighborhood. Not sure why they don't.

Anonymous said...

Any rumors on Drop Inn Center relocation? The SCPA - DIC intersection would be interesting. I had a lady try to sell me a sandwich from the back of her mini-van there once... "no, thanks!"