23 July 2007

Washington Park Elementary: Closed

A teacher at Washington Park Elementary tells us that the school will not re-open this fall. The students will be re-assigned to other schools. I didn't see this announced anywhere. I thought it would be open until a replacement school was built, or at least another year. The school had declining enrollment, due to low test scores and less people in the neighborhood, however it was an anchor to the neihgborhood, and it will be missed. A few years ago there were 3 neighborhood schools in OTR. Now there is just Rothenberg, which is now located on Vine Street, half-way up the hill to Clifton and barely even in this neighborhood. What a shame for a neighborhood that raised so many generations of children.


Joe Wessels said...

It's more than a rumor, Mike. It closed as of the end of the 2006-2007 school year. It was widely reported as one of the schools that would close earlier this year when the Cincinnati Public Schools school board voted to close down certain schools.
The bigger question to ask now is what happens to that over-priced, over-paid chunk of property that CPS bought for a relocated Washington Park School? It isn't worth more than a $1 million.

CityKin said...

Yeah, I don't know how I missed that.

Not only is it closed, but now I find out that demolition is slated to start very soon.

As far as the land that CPS bought on Vine/Mercer/Walnut...Yeah, they took on quite a liability there, and now they say they are going to rehab Rothenberg....