31 July 2007

Soon to be gone



Kevin LeMaster said...

Such an ugly, ugly building.

John said...

I think the Whittier school building in Price Hill is uglier.

CityKin said...

I think it is useful to remember that many people 50 years ago thought this was a pretty cool building. Look at an architecture magazine from the period to get an idea of the mindset. Victorian buildings, such as those found in Over-the-Rhine were considered the ugliest buildings on earth and were treated with contempt.

It is important to remember this because many trendy looking buildings being built today will look just as dated as Washington Park Elementary.

Another thing: I have been in this building when it was full of little kids and colorful drawings lined the hallways. It holds positive memories for many people who grew up here.

Another thing: I attended school in a building of similar style, and it is not slated for demolition, because it was maintained and improved each year.

This school was built, and then used until it was completely worn out.