13 July 2007

The Dutch have the Happiest Children

According to UNICEF, the Dutch have the happiest children on earth. Actually, the report only studies the worlds richest 24 countries.

How does a country with liberal marriage laws, a drinking age of 16, legalized prostitution, and legalized drugs achieve this? How do they do this with no backyards? After all, this is one of the most urbanized and densley settled countries in the world.

I skimmed through the report, and it has to do with the great public schools, the large number of children who live in families with both parents, and who eat together every evening. Parents are encouraged to take 4 day work weeks so that daycare is only needed 3 days a week.

In a related AP story today it is reported that Americans are no longer the tallest people on the planet. Quote:

"In some ways it gets to the fundamentals of the American society, namely what is the ideology of the American society and what are the shortcomings of that ideology," Komlos said. "I would argue that to take good care of its children is not part of that ideology."

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