30 July 2007

Stan Chesley to keep pools open

Joe Wessels reports that Stan Chelsey will donate $75,000 to keep the pools open another two weeks.

As Mayor Mallory stated in the article: this annual temporary fix must be replaced with a permanent solution.

I suggest user fees should be implemented. A $1 a day fee to swim is definitely worth it if it keeps the pools better maintained and opened for longer hours. Most people can afford this fee, and Stan could use his donations to pay for tokens for poor children.

One problem with the pools is that they are run as if they are only for poor children. They have limited hours, and are not user friendly, and ... they are practically free ($5/year at many, $10/yr at other, more popular pools). I believe a daily user fee would not only generate some funding, but would actually lead to a wider range of users. The way it is now, middle-class families attend private pools like the YMCA or Clifton Meadows Swim Club. Why do they do this? Well, the swim club is open much longer hours, they have competitive swim teams, they have shaded picnic areas and nice shower areas. The kids are better behaved. They do not necessarily have newer or fancier facilities.

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MM said...

I agree that the fees are a steal. Many pools in other cities charge at least a few bucks per visit. I took advantage of the pool within walking distance of my house (Fairview) as much as I could, but that was really only on Saturday. People that work all day M-F can't access the pool.