24 May 2007

Book Review - Owl at Home


There are so many good children's books it is hard to choose one to highlight. Last night I again read "Owl at Home" by Arnold Lobel to the kids, and they were enthralled. Unlike Arnold Lobel's other classic books, the Frog and Toad series, there is only one Owl book.

Originally published in 1975, the book has 5 short stories:
The Guest
Strange Bumps
Tear-water Tea
Upstairs and Downstairs
Owl and the Moon

The stories are meant for young readers, but works very well as a bedtime story book too. Many of the lines in the book, such as "mashed potatoes left on a plate" have become part of our family dialogue. The concepts in each story are perfect for the kids. For example my 6 year old is struggling with the concept in the last story about how it seems that the moon follows you, even when you are moving. Hard to explain, but it gets the gears going.

The stories are timeless, and the pictures are drawn with so much love, that I am certain that your children will fondly remember these stories when they are old.

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