08 May 2007


Someone from the Mt. Adams moms group mentioned that they had used Babysitease. We have never used a babysitter other than relatives, and we thought we would give it a try. It costs $50 to sign up. Then it costs $8 every time you setup a new sit. Both of these charges are made to your credit card when you setup the sit online. Then you get an email giving you the name and resume of the sitter selected. Then you pay the sitter directly at the end of the night $8 per hour. It was an expensive night.

The sitters through this company appear to be college age women, and of course it would be cheaper to get neighbor / high school student, which we have considered. The problem for us with younger sitters is our dangerous neighborhood. I'm not sure too many parents want their 14 year olds going to OTR to babysit. So we will probably use Babysitease again.

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