04 March 2011

Pride of Jesse Hallam

Filmed in Kentucky and Cincinnati in 1980, this is a great made-for TV movie. There are lots of good shots of Findlay Market and different places around town, like the produce docks on the riverfront and some Clifton apartment buildings. Apparently you can watch the whole movie below.

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Anonymous said...

I remember all the excitement when this was being filmed, and then watching it on TV. Thanks for the moment of nostalgia.

Blue Ash Mom

Anonymous said...

I actually just discovered Cincinnati for the first time in December when i went there to visit my 82 year old uncle who was battling cancer. I returned a few weeks ago for his funeral. He actually is an extra in the scene you just posted. He's the business man in the tan suit with glasses just behind them. My Uncle Pat had an interesting life. Although not a native, he deeply loved Cincinnati. Now after having visited your city, I completely understand why. He lived in a building called the Phelps for the last 50 years until last year he had to move out because it is being remade into a hotel. Here's a link to an article about his career:


Anonymous said...

Parts of this movie were filmed at Walnut Hills High School as well.I was a jr. at Walnut Hills when this was being filmed, I remember it as being a pain in the butt to get around campus.Its interesting to see old classmates who managed to get some screen time.I remember it as being a pretty good movie.