11 March 2011

Market Discord

Some farmers who set up stands at the Farmer's Market part of Findlay Market are upset and threatening to leave because the prices for setup have increased. Apparently the price to sell on premium months has increased from $150 to $200, leading some vendors to think about setting up at the Party Source in Bellevue, which is apparently going to start a farmer's market.

One farmer we talked to said that when he first started at Findlay Market, back when the City controlled the Market, the fee was $150 a year, and that for many years it was $50 per month. Of course back then, there were fewer farmers selling at the market. The other complaint is that the management has also made November, December and March premium months, when previously these were at a discount to attract more vendors.

I am concerned, because I do think higher stall prices lead to higher prices to the consumer.


Quimbob said...

The Fishwrap is reporting the city is going to stop waiving special permit fees for farmers markets operating in parks.
This might kill Mt Washington. Northside could move back to a business association parking lot. Dunno about other neighborhoods. HP & CH oughtta be ok.

Dave said...

Are your major grocery chains in cahoots with the City establishment to drive out the competition from the farmers? Perhaps one of the market sellers is trying to gain an advantage advocating these fees on his financially weaker competitors?

Mark Miller said...

Glad to see they're putting the "market" back into Findlay. Management should be constantly adjusting the rate for outdor stalls to acheive a balance between revenue and produce selection. If it gets too high one week, they can lower it the next.

Charging whatever the market will bear keeps Findlay on its toes and financially viable. Haggling is the essence of a market; it should be required of vendors as well. This is a good thing.

CityKin said...

The market has overhead to pay, including a growing staff. I think that is the reason for increasing the fees.

Anonymous said...

I drive in from the suburbs to go to Findlay once a month on a Saturday or Sunday. In peak season I am very impressed with how they handle parking direction. I imagine this level of customer service requires more and more money as I can tell the market is growing in popularity. Higher fees to the farmer should ideally be covered by higher sales.