07 March 2011

Gen X Settles Down

Or so says Scott Doyon
"Our tragic dearth of interdependencies at the local level is without dispute, and may prove to be our undoing if future circumstances conspire to reinforce just how much we really need each other"

(Gen X traits):
-.. rebel against (divorce).
-...interest is localism and hyper-localism,
-...Mobility declined (staying put)
-...emphasis on local control of government, local production...and local culture…


Dave said...

This article is an interesting snapshot of our journey.

Classicgrrl said...

I think the article misses a point: as a genxer one of the things I craved most was community. I didn't have it and couldn't find it in the suburban souless surroundings of my youth.

I did find it at first, on line, and then gradually in the small micro world around me that online community lead me into to.

When we created DIY, we created DIY communities. For me, Gen X = community and always has.

Mike said...

Thanks for sharing. This piece articulated a lot I've been working through lately.

Something one of the commenters (Kyle, from Cincinnati) wrote really put it together for me: "Move where the attitude is a match and you will be happy; move for schools/taxes/real-estate values, and you set yourself up for failure."