07 March 2011

Castle and Cathedral Re-issued


Built to Last brings together revised versions of three of David Macaulay's classic works about architectural structures complete with updated texts, new and enhanced illustrations, and full-color artwork throughout the entire volume.

Well-known for their precise black-and-white line illustrations and intricate detail, the author's Cathedral (1973) and Castle (1977), both Caldecott Honor books, have long been staples on library and classroom shelves. Through the years, these titles have won over many a youngster with their vivid and fact-filled accounts of the planning, construction, and usage of these incredible manmade edifices.

Published in 2003, Mosque takes a similarly effective approach to its subject matter, with the addition of color to the artwork. These three titles have been successfully integrated into a single volume...

... As Macaulay's introduction to the book states, "Understanding these buildings and the link they provide to people of another time and place should remind us that anything is buildable, whether of stone or ideas."

Here is David doing his TED talk:


Dan said...

I loved both Castle & Cathedral as a kid. I think I saw an animated TV show of Cathedral.

Anonymous said...

I love the book he's talking about--Rome-antics.
I gave my husband several Macauley videos for his 7th grade world history classes: Pyramid, Roman City, Castle, Cathedral, and Mill Times. They are always very popular!