04 January 2011

Seymour Nature Preserve

About a week ago my son and I took another hike. I randomly picked a green spot on the map that we haven't visited before and set off. The chosen site was Seymour Creek Nature Preserve. At first we couldn't figure out how to access the site and weren't even sure if there were trails at all. Eventually we parked in a private parking lot at 6250 Este Avenue 45232. From this spot you can easily access a paved trail either downstream to the Millcreek River or upstream to a steep valley. This area is mostly reclaimed industrial or military land. It is apparent that someone has been stabilizing the area, clearing honeysuckle and making trails. The lower trail connects with the in-progress Millcreek trail that the Millcreek Restoration Project is developing in sections along the whole length. It now connects upstream to the nearby Caldwell Park , which is a more established park with a nature center, more mature trees and a playground and pool.

A topo map of area:
It doesn't look like you are in the middle of a heavy industrial area does it? This is the Millcreek!!
Looking downstream
"Rapids" of the Mill Creek, with stabilized and restored banks
The gravel along parts of the path are recycled materials, which son searched through
Seymour Creek full of snow melt as it enters the Mill Creek
typical second growth trees of the upper valley, with Seymour creek to left
mushrooms and moss
There are several bridges over the upper branch of creek:
deer skull?
Google Map of area:

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Overall it was an enjoyable trek. While in the woods you will hear trains and highway traffic sounds, but also water and birds. I cannot wait until they finish more sections of the bike trail along the Millcreek so that we can bike to places like this.


Radarman said...

Beautiful work, as were the pictures from your uphill hike.

This is really encouraging for those of us who thought Maketewah was doomed to be a sewer for the foreseeable future.

ThatDeborahGirl said...

OMG. You even made mushrooms and moss into an enviable scene. I will say again - it's too bad more people don't see this area through your eyes. Maybe they would take better care of it if they did.