20 January 2011

Dusting + Cars = Miserable

Unfortunately, I could not stay home or walk to work today, but had to drive to a morning meeting. What a miserable mess:

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Unknown said...

Sorry, sorry, sorry for your commute. I feel somewhat to blame as we have been wearing our PJs inside out and backwards which as we all know brings on the snow days. Powerful MoJo.
Question for you or your readers--where do you all go grocery shopping if you live downtown? Our Clifton IGA is closed and it's thrown a big wrench in our hanging-by-a-thread organizational system.(and breaks our hearts)
No more running up to the store for last minute dinner ideas, although we were fortunate to have it here as long as we did. Thanks for any ideas. I'm not in love with the Spring Grove Krogers, and actually hate to go there. Very bad combo when the cupboards are bare!