09 January 2011

28th District School

I was thankful for this comment on a recent post:
"You were correct about the large institutional building at the Klotter Park. It was the location for the old 28th District School.Built in 1880 with an addition in 1887. There is a book "A History Of The Schools Of Cincinnati" by John Brough Shotwell.Look it up on Google books. It has a pic on pg 308. It was on Browne St.(guess it was a street back then,not an alley) west of Baymiller."

So I looked up the book, and for the public record here is the sketch and description:
18 rooms x 55 pupils each = 990 students!

And here is a Sanborn Map showing the School:


Anonymous said...

Very cool. So apparently the stone wall on McMicken is still there as per Google street view.

CityKin said...

Yeah, that is what triggered my whole interest.

Christian said...

W McMicken Avenue was formerly called Browne Street, named after the owner of the land between McMicken and Klotter that was subdivided. Atlas Alley between them used to be called Browne Alley.

Anonymous said...

I live in the house right next to the old school now. I was wondering what the school looked like. Awsome my house looks very small. Next to what that school looked like. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

My father and great aunt went to this school. I have two class pictures of great aunt with her classmates and the principal, W. Remley. This lot was vacant as long as I can remember. Seems like it wasn't very old to be torn down. Would like to find more info on this school.

m said...

So, if you're in the park, look at the top of the stone wall. You'll find multiple etchings done in the early 1940's showing aircraft/rock ships, etc reflecting what was going on during WWII. I'm guessing the school was still there/in operation at that time?