21 December 2010

Rat Tracks in Fresh Snow


I found out yesterday that Blogger aka Google does not allow totally unlimited amount of blog photos to be posted. After several years of posting photos and sometimes videos, I apparently reached their 1 gigabyte limit for free Blogger photos. So I made the plunge and paid $5/year for up to 20 gigabyte of photo storage. This blog now officially costs me money to run. Not sure how I feel about this. If I quit paying the $5, which photos will disappear?


Anonymous said...

you should post some ads thru google on your site I make about 100 bucks a year to cover costs

Dave said...

Was the use of "Rat Tracks in Fresh Snow" intentional when you mentioned your new fee charges to Blogger? That is a funny association.

It would be a shame to bring adverts to CityKin, but maybe there is a way to filter the adverts to local business to the community?

5chw4r7z said...

I load my pictures in flickr then add them to my posts, but again with flickr you have a 200 picture limit before it cost you, but I feel paying for flickr brings me more value because I can use the pictures anywhere.

ThatDeborahGirl said...

Merry Christmas!

There are plenty of free image hosts. You can keep track of where your pics are by.

1. using 1 host at a time
2. keep a log of your url's and passwords in notepad or yahoo notepad so you'll have them no matter where you are

After 5 years going on six of blogging, I'll probably be hitting that limit soon as well so thanks for the head's up.

After this long, I guess I'm not gonna quit blogging so maybe 2011 will be the year I take the plunge, invest in my own domain name and migrate the whole shebang to word press. It's long overdue for me.