23 December 2010

Pigs Get Fed Hogs Get Slaughtered

"Pigs get fed and hogs get slaughtered.." - Roxanne Qualls, as heard on WVXU this morning quoting Mayor Mallory in regards to the budget battle.

I heard her say this and had no idea what the saying meant. So I googled the saying, and found that Joe Sutter claims to have invented the phrase in 2001 in response to a salesman that tried to gouge customers instead of offering his product at a fair price. He ended up being slaughtered. If he had been satisfied with a reasonable profit he would have been fed.

If I am understanding this correctly, Qualls and Mallory are saying that those who ask for too much in the budget debate may loose, and those who are reasonable may win.

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Tim said...

Interesting bit of information. I'd heard the phrase before, but never knew what it meant.

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