09 December 2010

Pool Building Gone

Washington Park pool next I suppose.. 
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Anonymous said...

I sure hope the original doors/entrance are/is restored to Music Hall. The way it looks currently (and has for as long as I can remember) is worse than the pool building ever did.
Bye bye pool building. You may have had good memories there but hopefully you will have even more with the new park - even watching it evolve with the kid-O's. I just hope you can endure construction noise if you live near by. I believe they can't start until 7:00 am though there is always one eager beaver hammering on a metal pipe at 5:30 am on a Sat. or Sun. etc.
Thanks for the picture.

Anonymous said...

When I get to wondering why I live in Southwestern Ohio, instead of my native East Coast (and I wonder this all too often these days), I remind myself that when I moved to Ohio, it was a Blue State: there was a Democratic governor and both senators were Democrats (will I live to see another Metzenbaum?).

Cincinnati seemed a very forward looking city and part of its charm for me was that that the city grandfathers had seen fit to ensure that every child could walk to a pool and swim all summer long for a very nominal fee.

So this photo to me is just visual confirmation that I don't live in the place I moved to, anymore.

Blue Ash Mom