25 July 2010

From the Mouths of Babes

Like any parent, I think my kids are very keen. I have resisted putting much info about them mostly because readers might find their quirks less interesting than I do. However I thought I'd try posting some interesting quotes. Here is the first:

This happened a few weeks ago as we were driving up Colerain Avenue to go to a little girl birthday party at Chuck E Cheese:
Son: Dad, there are lots of businesses here! (he likes places with lots of businesses)
Me: Well, yeah, lots of big signs too.
Son: Do you think it would be better to live here by all these businesses. (he's been thinking lately that he wants to have a shop himself)
Me: Maybe, but you can't really walk here easily, there's no sidewalks.
Son: Some people are walking Dad. (there's a guy trying to cross at the Cross-County freeway exit ramp as he says this, and we have seen a few others struggling along)
5yr old Daughter: Only people with brown skin walk here.
Me: Only people who don't have cars, dear.

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