20 December 2009

Urban Planning Cartoon 1948

Related to the post last week: documenting the dirty dangerous cities and advocating clean suburbs:


Kareem said...

If only planning could be so easy!

Perez Gulin said...

I really think planning is easy. The only difference from business as usual, is that we need time to think before taking decisions.

Dan said...

Cool cartoon! I've been collecting a lot of "city bad, suburbs good" ephemera lately, like 1950s-era real estate ads that glorify the suburban lifestyle, and planning documents advocating the suburbanization of central cities.

Anyhow, I hate posting like this, but your linkroll is missing Cyburbia (http://www.cyburbia.org). It's the Internet's oldest urban planning-related Web site, and still going strong after 15 years. I have to constantly remind people that there's more than just the LA-based planning site out there - google "urban planning", and we're uauallyt 2nd or 3rd.