01 December 2009

Take the Cake

OK, posts are slowing to a trickle here at CityKin for the holidays, but I had to make a post about Take the Cake. I had a post a few months ago about their new diggs in Northside.

Take the Cake started on Main Street many years ago, up near Liberty Street. They moved to Northside and now moved again, closer to Knowlton's Corner, into their own, larger space at 4035 Hamilton Avenue. Frankly, I had never visited the place before, because it is not that often that I need a cake, and I never even thought about entering. However I learned through Twitter, that last month, they began serving lunches and brunches. On a whim, I took the family to visit Sunday, and we were served this:


I'll let my wife describe:

Everything was quite delicious and well done. The biscuits and gravy had a spicy little kick to it. The fritatta was unbelievably creamy and fluffy and the potatoes were excellent. The French toast bread pudding was not at all dense and heavy as many tend to be and it was topped with lots of berries and whipped cream. The only thing I didn't try was the steak and eggs cuz I was stuffed but it looked great. Best brunch I've been to in the city!

Now, my wife is a very tough restaurant critic. When she says best brunch, you better believe it. The entrees were priced at about $7, and there are two large communal tables and counter seating. The items are listed on a blackboard and erased as they sell out. The value and quality are unsurpassed. The chefs here are the owners, and they are truly talented. You gotta try this.


Heather said...

I agree with your wife! Their food is consistently great. The ingredients are fresh and their combinations flavorful. We go there every chance we get!

glass said...

I'm in love with their lunch options!

Anonymous said...

Take the Cake started serving lunch in February 09, when they opened the new location. They started serving brunch about a month ago!

VisuaLingual said...

The only time I was in there, they didn't have skim milk for coffee. I don't know if that was an anomaly, but it was a dealbreaker for me as far as that went. Their cakes are amazing, though!