07 December 2009

Family Enrichment Center December

All classes held at the Cincinnati Family Enrichment Center, located at 4244 Hamilton Ave., Cinti. OH 45223. To register, visit website or call 513-591-2332.
The Flu and You - Fight the Flu thru Natural Immunity
Seasonal flu got you down? H1N1 giving you fears? How are vaccines made? Are there side effects? How can I build up my immunity naturally? What can I add to my current routine to make me stronger? Dr. Michael Nichols will answer all your questions about the flu and what you have the ability to do about it.
Saturday, December 12th @ 12:15

Fund Raiser for the CFEC
Baked goods, arts and crafts and a good ol time with the family. Donations accepted
December 12th @ 10:00am

You’ve made it through the birth - now what?! Where can you turn to for support, encouragement, understanding, and answers to your “new mom” questions? The CFEC! We’re here for you. Join us monthly for as long as you need the companionship of other new parents struggling with the same issues as you. We understand; we’ve been there. Free!
Thursdays (Dec. 3rd-17th) @ 10:30 & Sat., Dec. 19th @ 11:30

Happiest Baby on the Block!
Learn how to turn on your newborn’s Calming Reflex – the extraordinary “off-switch” for crying all babies are born with!
New babies are such a blessing, but they can also bring with them sleepless nights, crying, & sometimes quite a bit of stress! In this 2-hour innovative workshop you will be taught step-by-step how to help your newborn sleep better & how to soothe even the fussiest baby in minutes! Magic? A miracle? No, it’s a reflex!
The Dec. 14th, 6:45pm workshop, is held at Good Sam Hospital, 375 Dixmyth Ave.,45220
Fee is $50.00, which includes a Parent Kit containing the HBOB dvd.
To register, please call TriHealth at 475-4500. Class is from 6:45-8:45pm.

Circle of Life - Belly Dancing
Belly dancing has a long history of exercising the muscles that are used during childbirth and to strengthen and maintain muscle tone as we mature. Taking cues from Tribal Fusion Belly Dance, a combination of Middle Eastern Belly Dance, Flamenco, Classical Indian dances, North African and Salsa dances, this fun alternative exercise option teaches how to connect to the feminine aspects of strength, power and confidence along with connecting to a child that grows inside you. Join us as we prepare our bodies for the journey of childbirth and revel in our motherhood! Women at all stages of life welcomed
Saturdays (Dec. 5, 12 & 19) 11:30-12:15pm. $50/5-class package or $13/class.

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