31 August 2007

Market Vender Poised to Leave

Mike Heminghaus, a 12 year vendor at Findlay Market is poised to leave the market because of disagreements with the market management. Mike, probably our favorite vendor, is the one of the most knowledgeable, entertaining and helpful people at the market.

Mike feels that the management does not communicate clearly with the vendors. He was suddenly moved from his longtime spot just to the left of the main north central entrance. He is now closer to Race Street, which is a less prime spot. The Madison's outdoor stand is now in his old spot. According to Mike, this was done without explanation. The Madison's are a bigger operation, with several storefront operations and longer hours.

I hesitated to blog about this because I haven't heard both sides of the story. However, I have heard similar complaints from other vendors, so it seemed like something should be written about it.

I encourage the market management to talk with Mike and see if some kind of agreement can be arranged to retain this successful stand. If not, stop by, thank Mike, and say goodbye Friday or Saturday, because this may be his last weekend.

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