21 August 2007

Granite pavement


Notice how the large flat slabs are located where people /carts would cross the alley.


Radarman said...

Cincinnati still has some excellent alleys, and this is a beautiful illustration.

One thing the city recently did right was to re-use granite curbing to surround the islands in the widened Cutter Street and Laurel Park Drive.

CityKin said...

I didn't notice that, but I suspect it must be pretty expensive to install new.

Thanks for reading and commenting Radarman. I was wondering if anyone read this, so I just put a counter on and I'll soon find out.

Anonymous said...

Agreed - very nice comments Mike. I live in Pendleton and notice these little things all the time in our neighborhood.

The granite from the Cutter Street project came from other city street curb removals, unfortunately. But it is quite nice that they used it there. They used quite a bit from a pile of curbs that was on the vacant site at Montgomery and Dana. I think there were a few slabs left when I passed by a few weeks ago. I asked the city to donate those to my neighborhood a few years ago, but they needed them for Cutter....

Speaking of alleys and pavement - have you ever noticed the wood used to pave the alley just north of the Davis Furniture building on Main Street. Not sure what this alley is called, but it connects Main to Clay. The portion of the alley closest to Main still holds its originally wood paving...I wish it would be restored!