07 August 2007

Johnny's Toys - Birthday Club

Many, many years ago, when I was a child, I was fascinated with the birthday card and key that came addressed to me every year, about a week or two before my birthday. Inside the envelope was a card, with a tin key taped to it. The key opened a door at Johnny's where you got a free gift. I loved it, and my kids now continue to love it. Sign up here.


Kevin LeMaster said...

They still do this? That's great!

What kind of toys are they giving out these days? I remember getting some crappy ones, but at the time I thought they were fantastic.

CityKin said...

Last year my son got a cheap plastic car, which couldn't cost more than 25 cents from China, but the car has served well as the loser in many smash-up derbies. We just got the newest envelope and they can't wait to go.