03 August 2007

Liberal NIMBYS

Good article about the people who support low-income housing with their donations, but fight it when it is proposed to be built near them:

affordable housing in the county was so fierce in the 1990s that a Marin chapter of Habitat disbanded, former members say, after finding itself unable to get a single project built in five years.

... across party lines, most opposition to affordable housing boils down to homeowner fear of lowered property values and higher school costs.
"They should be creating wireless areas of tribal habitats," he says. Not in his neighborhood, though. He recommends a spot owned by the Catholic Church, several exits down the freeway.

Property values are the symptom. The illness is disconnected residential developments completely segregated by income.

I find it interesting that most of the neighbors who are opposed are older people. I think the younger generations are bored with living in isolation, and are less likely to be NIMBYs.

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