06 June 2007

Uncivil behavior

Last night, I unfortunately witnessed a young punk with a temper hit his girlfriend. The woman had a two or three year old with her (probaly his child), and when the police arrived, she just walked away, and when pressed, said there was not problem. He was let go.

Almost as bad as the physical violence, was the verbal abuse slung at each other. While his punk friends stood around, this idiot fake-punched her several times, and called her all kinds of names, most which I can't understand.

Although I have lived surrounded by this culture for many years, I will never completly understand what is going on. I have heard that in 1965, Daniel Patrick Moynihan authored a report that said a crisis was brewing because of the breakdown of the black family in the late 50's and early 60's. Unfortunately things got much worse over the next decades. Seems like there has been some improvement from the 80's, but those left here in the bottom, wouldn't know it.

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