18 June 2007

I love our pool

Cincinnati Recreation Commission runs approximately 40 neighborhood pools. I am not exactly sure of the number, because some have closed or are being renovated, and a few of them are indoor pools, which we rarely use and serve a completely different purpose from a neighborhood pool.

This year, our pool, (Washington Park) is open 12:30-4:30 M-Sat. It has no shade, and no food or drinks are allowed. Despite the limited hours, scorching sun and lack of refreshment, it is a true oasis in the stifiling heat.

Membership for one year is $5 per person. Despite this low price, the pool gets really overcrowded on "free day", which demonstrates just how broke some people are.

The water is super clean, and PH level is monitored.

There are plenty of lifeguards, and they watch the pool closely.

They offer swim lessons, and run a swim team. There first meet is Weds in Pleasant Ridge. CRC provides van service to the meets.

Our pool gets crowded at about 50-60 people. We had just about that many Saturday.

The only improvements needed: Sunday and evening hours. Umberellas (like at Mt. Adams Pool), and concession area (like at private pools). If these things could be promised at a new expanded deep water pool at Ziegler Park, then perhaps I would support the decision to remove our pool.

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