21 June 2007

My First Swim Meet

OK, Cincinnati Recreation Commission has a great program at their pools in which each of the neighborhood pools has a swim team, and each Weds they have a meet at a different pool. For children that cannot get to the meet on their own (ie: they don't have a car) they provide a shuttle bus that drives the team to the meet.


I got to Pleasant Ridge Pool for the meet at 5:30. Many kids were swimming laps. I met an aquaintance, and she said the Pleasant Ridge Swim team has 50 members. Ours has 6. I also noticed that the Pleasant Ridge pool had picnic tables, chairs and a CONCESSION STAND! Our pool has none of that.

The bus for our pool arrived over an hour late! They delayed the start of the meet until 7pm! The meet was still going on when we left at 8:30. It was getting dark.

Despite this, our son swam three races, and loved it. I have never been to a swim meet in my life, but it was fantastic. It was all very official, with time cards and age ranks and things like "9-10 year old 25 meter medley relay" etc. It ended up being a good time. I just wish CRC could get their act together and run thing smoother.


Superfly said...

That's my neighborhood pool.

I've been to quite a few of those - and I have to warn you, they always run late, seem disorganized, an chaotic. Talk about herding cats. And it may be possible that they run about as smoothly as possible.

CityKin said...

Our main problem was with the van that was supposed to pick up the kids.

Anyway, thanks for commenting.