09 June 2007

Our local pool

Our Local Pool, Apparently Scheduled to permanently close in August:


Actually, I don't think anyone using the pool today is even aware that the Recreation Commission has apparently decided to remove this pool, and maybe install a spray ground.
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A sprayground does not offer a chance to learn how to swim, or learn how to dive:

There is always a line for the diving boards. Many of the kids can do flips and special dives:

Kids drying off on the concrete:

The Changing Rooms and Baby Pool area:

Our local pool is its' own little community, formed for 8-10 weeks each summer. They have a swim team, and also offer "guard start" which is a way to give kids a chance to be responsible and learn about being a lifeguard.

A pool has been in Washington Park for many decades. From what I can discern from old photos, and people's recollections, this current pool is the thrid or fourth in this location. There was a concrete pool of similar size and shape here that was replaced with the current aluminum one 30 some years ago.

Has the City given up on Over-the-Rhine? Do they think children won't live here in the future?

The CRC's recent actions make me think they are attempting to remove the smaller neighborhood pools, and planning to upgrade a few of them. Unfortunately, the smaller local pools are the most popular, and the easiest for kids to access. Many of the kids going off the diving boards in these photos, are 10 and twleve years, old, and walk to the pool without parents. If this pool is removed, and the one at Ziegler enlarged, will those boys now walk across the neighborhood to get there? Would you let your son walk 7 blocks through OTR with his towel and suit?

Similarly, CRC is enlarging the Pool at Dunham, but is apparently closing the one on Rapid Run that is closer to homes and easier to walk to. 99% of the visitors to Dunham come by car, as it is up off the road in a park and away from bus lines.

Consolidating the pools will apparently save money on lifeguards, but it will remove one key necessary ingredient: kids.

Several years ago, it was announced that the Mt. Adams pool would be closed, because it had a leak. The neighbors, raised money to fix the leak, and as always, this pool continues to be packed, 7 days a week, despite the fact that it is very small and in a tight spot. Why is it so crowded? Because it is very conveniently located for many families. CRC should learn a lesson from the success of that small pool: keep the pools simple and local.


Randy Simes said...

It is unfortunate, but the insurance that is required for pools is getting outrageous...especially if the pool includes a deep end and/or diving board.

When money gets tight, something has got to give. Splash parks (aka spray grounds) offer an alternative to pools that is much cheaper to maintain and cover with insurance. You don't get the benefits a pool offers, but you still have a place to cool down during the summer heat.

Like I said, it's sad...but it's a sign of the times.

Anonymous said...

You can't learn to swim in spray grounds and you can't get as much good exercise either. This pool should stay open. It gets used a lot.