16 November 2010

Barr's Loans Old Old Location

621-23 Central Avenue, Kenyon Barr neighborhood, demolished
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Anonymous said...

Where'd you find the photo? What's up with the man holding the sign at the corner? Is this perhaps a photographic record of the building before it was demolished?

I'm hoping to assemble a repository of West End photos. I went down to the Historic Society's library at the Museum Center a few years back, but they didn't have much.

Ian said...

It's from the Kenyon-Barr photos the city took before they demo'ed the whole area for I-75/Queensgate. That's why there's a catalog number on the sign the guy's holding. A bunch of the photos are available online through http://library.cincymuseum.org/ , but this isn't one of them, I haven't seen this before.

(Incidentally I'm also amassing a repository of West End photos :)