21 February 2007

Get outa here

Annually, we find it necessary to get out of Dodge for a few days in February. Too much time spent in drafty indoors, and too many days with temperatures in the teens, usually means a long weekend trip to some place at least slightly warmer.

So, we tried Mammoth Caves this past weekend. All kids should experience going deep into the earth at least once. Depending on the depth, most caves are a constant temperature in the mid 50's so winter is a great time to visit without the crowds. Also, it is amazing how much warmer it is south of the Ohio river. Half way into Kentucky, snow is a much rarer occurrence than here.

However next year, I think we will go still further south.
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Jackie said...

We went to Mammoth Caves when I was as kid, and while the caves themselves were amazing and memorable, the town they're in was - as I remember it - a total tourist trap. We bailed right after seeing the caves, then went and spent a couple of days exploring Louisville. I have no idea if things have improved there since the early 1990s, but I hope so!

--Jackie Danicki