13 February 2007


Over the weekend I met lots of city parents.

First we met up with the MAMs, or Mt Adam's Moms group that formed to help save the pool there last year. All the couples arranged babysitters and met at the Celestial for drinks and dinner. The celestial is a kind of place I hear about, but have never gone. It is a bit of an older crowd, but the live jazz was nice and the view obviously excellent. This was a great group of couples, all with children about the same age as ours. Seems like an enjoyable group of people, all raising young families. Hope to see more of them.

Second I took my son to a birthday party and a valentines day party. The first was in Fairview, the second in Northside. Both families live on quiet streets that had other children living there, and at both places I met lots of other parents.

When I see new families in the city it gives me hope that Cincinnati can make it. I love it.

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