16 October 2012

Old OTR Efficiency Apts

These two apartments were occupied just last year. They are very small and primitive efficiency apartments with gas space heaters, gas stove, tiny metal kitchen sink, kitchen table, dresser and bed. There were 18 of these in this one building, which may be rehabbed into 8 larger apartments.

 This here is the smallest. What you see is the entire apartment, except a very small toilet room off to the left.

Here is a cheap enameled metal kitchen sink on wood supports.  This sink at least 80 years old.

This is the largest apartment, up in the top floor.  They were rented furnished:


Quimbob said...

the places look kinda neat. Can't believe landlords were renting out places in such horrible condition, tho.

Anonymous said...

In the richest country in the world, in the richest country in the entire history of the world, we're okay with people living in this sort of poverty, else it wouldn't exist. Sigh...

Blue Ash Mom

Randy Simes said...

And people wonder why old cities have suffered from population decline. These 18 units will be transformed into 8. It will be 100% occupied, but it will be a population loss for the city.

Anonymous said...

Randy, it will be a population decline only because the political will to create 18 decent low-income housing units to replace these ratholes doesn't exist.

After all, it's not like we're running out of poor people -- there's more of them all time. That's another reflection of the shape of our political will.

Blue Ash Mom

bfmalone said...

It would be cool to preserve a few of these apartments in Over the Rhine for use as a museum like the Low East Side Tenament Museum in New York. It's not pretty in a lot of ways but it is part of the history of the neighborhood.