22 November 2011

Hide Freeways



Anonymous said...

Ah yes, I remember when this was being built (a number of years ago right?) and wishing Cincinnati would build something like this any where - it was simply nice to look at and well designed/built. It obviously wasn't a how fast and how cheap can we build this like at least three big projects in Corryville.
In the picture shown here the building directly across the street also has arcades. It is a very attractive development.
The covers over Fort Washington Way are eagerly awaited. Hope it will be nice.

Anonymous said...

This is a very cool design. I would like to see that where Corryville and Walnut Hills is split by 71. The space between these two neighborhoods cause by I-71 might as well be a river, because they are basically detached. The are could benefit tremendously from something of this nature.

Anonymous said...

I think of this building as the Ponte Vecchio of Columbus, with shops built on an overpass. Here it's I-670, in Florence it's the Arno. The building even has Italianate arches!